Fulltime Faculty

Greg Hoke

Assistant Professor
116A Heroy Geology Laboratory

Dr. Hoke studies the interactions of climate and tectonics on the earth's surface using geomorphology and the stratigraphic record. His active research projects are in the southern central Andes and SE Tibet.

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Laura Lautz

Director of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor
317 Heroy Geology Laboratory

Prof. Lautz specializes in physical hydrologic processes and their influence on water quality and movement through watersheds.

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Zunli Lu

Assistant Professor
310 Heroy Geology Laboratory

Prof. Lu specializes in low temperature geochemistry and uses a variety of methods (trace elements, isotopes and models) to investigate crustal fluids, carbon cycle and global environmental changes.

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Christopher Scholz

011A Heroy Geology Laboratory

Prof. Scholz specializes in sedimentary geology, the geologic record of climate change, paleolimnology, and sedimentary basin analysis.

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Don Siegel

Department Chair, Jessie Page Heroy Professor as well as Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor
314 Heroy Geology Laboratory

Prof. Siegel is interested in peatland hydrogeology and geochemistry, contaminant transport in groundwater systems, and competitive chess.

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Research Associates

Ryan Gordon

Research Associate
212 Heroy Geology Laboratory


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